I Quadrant's Complete Industrial Property Picker (IPP) approach to owning multiple Singapore properties with incredible ROI and zero ABSD — all for just $18.

Here you’ll be learning 7 factors to select profitable industrial properties in a short 2hrs online on-demand webinar workshop

Why Industrial Properties?

  • NO ABSD: Own multiple properties for investment and collect rental income every month without paying additional taxes!
  • Maximum profit with minimal risks: Industrial properties are generally crisis-proof because rents are inexpensive which means it serves a wider tenant pool. 
  • Stable investment: no emotional roller-coaster and upheaval! Enjoy peace of mind with your investment.

Here are some of the properties that our community is invested in:



At A Glance... Here's what you'll be learning in 2hrs workshop:



Learn the 7 factors that help you identify a profitable industrial property so you can make your purchase with absolute confidence.



Should you purchase the property under a company or your personal name?

Understand the differences so you can use the best structure that maximizes your investment.



Get the list of steps that you’ll require to complete the purchase of your property within the timeline so that you’ll not miss out important processes that will cost you extra money.


No time to pick properties? No problem. You’ll be getting our complete collection of pre-researched Industrial properties that fit our key criteria for maximum yield.


If you already own residential properties and want to learn how to own more WITHOUT paying for additional taxes to maximize profit

If you want absolute actionables and knowledge of the step-by-step processes without being upsold to other courses that cost you thousands of dollars

If you are looking for an extremely stable and crisis-proof physical asset class to invest in with the dependability and safety of SINGAPORE properties.



Hi, we are Shawn and Ivan. In 2017, together with Germaine and Benny, we started I Quadrant and have taught and guided thousands in our community on their industrial property investment.

Since then, we have grown our community to more than 4,000 members and have helped both seasoned and aspiring investors to grow their wealth through property investment.

The strength of industrial properties has been proven through the pandemic. Our community who have followed us from the start, have already bought, sold and made their profits from industrial properties.

In this masterclass, you will learn everything you need to be able to buy and sell industrial property with maximum returns and minimal risk to achieve your investment goal.


I used to think that you need to be rich to be in the game of property but I Quadrant has expanded my reality box and proved me otherwise. I’m proud to say that I’m a property investor now! A very huge thank you to I Quadrant for being so abundant and supportive in my property investing journey!

Zhi Kai

I was able to buy both a Condo and an Industrial Property during the pandemic period.

Thank you I Quadrant for equipping me with the right knowledge that gives me the confidence to act and the resources for me to buy these undervalued properties.


I have been looking for ways to grow my passive income, but I couldn’t find a safe and sustainable way that suits me until I joined I Quadrant.

After completing the course, I got keys to my first investment unit within 2 months, and now I am looking forward to build my property portfolio together with I Quadrant


Really great experience through this course and very informative!

Learnt so much even being a property agent myself for the past 8 years, this has been mind-blowing! Best of all, I got my first investment property in 43 days!


The I Quadrant trainers are investors that are honest, transparent, diligent, professional and walk the talk. I own a positive-cashflow property today thanks to I Quadrant. Over the past 2 years, I’ve seen how the team is constantly dedicated to serve the community to bring the latest market updates, research findings and are swift to respond to the community’s queries and needs. If you’re looking to embark on your journey as an investor, joining the I Quadrant community is definitely a wise and excellent place to start!


After attending I Quadrant’s property course, we realised that it is possible to purchase properties with high rental yield and capital appreciation potential.

Since attending the course, we have already acquired 2 properties with positive cash flow. All this would not have been possible without I Quadrant’s guidance!

Zhi Hao & Wanni

This is crazy… at only $18? What’s the catch?

Indeed there is a catch.

We want you to experience and learn all about industrial property investment so perhaps you might take a chance on joining us in our community.

Here’s the thing, while everyone in the market is offering thousands of dollars for their courses and upsell, we ARE NOT. Even with our community, we are offering membership at just $365.

So this is exactly why we are doing this:

  • We’re sick and tired of self-proclaimed gurus or shifu who share impractical outdated theories that don’t map to current market outlook.
  • We are confident that by giving massive value and you getting massive results… we will get referrals and people considering to join our community.
  • Plus! We now have the capability of offering on-demand webinars that significantly reduces our costs. Which we can then pass on to you.

On the flip side, we want to let you get all that we know about industrial property investment in this Masterclass.

In fact, our promise is this: There is NO other upsell or masterclass that you require for industrial property investment. THIS IS IT. We will not hold anything back.

The entire roadmap for industrial property investment will be laid out in front of you. So you too can become a successful property investor.


I Quadrant's Complete Industrial Property Picker (IPP) Workshop Now!

$18 (+GST)

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